God is Great!

I had the extreme priviledge to see my youngest daughter come to faith in Jesus Christ this week. The best thing about this is that is was all of God. She will be 8 in just a little over a month. She came to us telling us that she needed to be baptized. She said she loved Jesus and she wanted to be in heaven with him. She also said she did not want to go to hell. She was able to tell us on her own that she was a sinner and Jesus had died for her sin. She knew she had broken God’s law and that she was trusting Christ to save her. She prayed her own prayer with her mother and I all holding hands together. It was all I could do not to shout and cry at the same time.

Both of my children have came to faith now and both times it was a God thing. We have been very careful when dealing with our children. My greatest fear was to manipulate my children into making a profession because they thought that was what we wanted them to do. My desire for my children was that not only for them make a profession of faith in Jesus but that they truly possess faith in Jesus.

It has been overwhelming to see God move in my children. To see God regenerate them, draw them, and bring them to faith has been the greatest gift as a parent that I could have ever received. I thank the Sovereign Lord that he has so blessed me with a family that loves God and loves and supports me.

My kids love that I am going to school since they go too. They always want to know how I am doing and they fuss when I do bad on a test.

My oldest daughter and I were baptized together and I look forward to baptizing my youngest one in the upcoming weeks.

Just wanted to end with a chorus we sing alot – God is great and greatly to be praised!

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  1. Summer Owens says:

    Praise God Kevin!!!! Praise God!!!!! It is truly a breath-taking thing to witness the AMAZING work of God’s grace in the heart, and I cannot imagine how much more so, when you are witnessing it unfold in the lives of one of your children!!! Wil and I pray everyday to be able to do so one day in our childrens lives as well.

    Give our new sister a big hug from the Owens!!!!!

    Soli Deo Gloria 🙂

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