Bible Reading in 2009

Do you make new year resolutions?

Have you ever challenged yourself to read through the Bible in one year?

I have!

Challenged myself, that is, but I have never completed the whole Bible in one year.

Here is a link to a web page with different plans for reading through the Bible in one year. I can think of no greater personal challenge with true rewards than committing to reading God’s Word every day. Let me know if you are up to the challenge.

Daily Bible Reading Plansfrom the folk at the ESV.

My friend Wil has linked a plan on his blog. Check it out also.

Another plan is the Discipleship Journal Plan (or here).  Few things discourage us more from reading the Bible through in a year than falling behind. This plan gives five catch up days every month.

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2 Responses to Bible Reading in 2009

  1. ke4juh says:

    I read the NLT in 2007 using the plan at and it is definitely worth doing. The ESV would be an excellent choice as well, previously I was trying to read the NKJV and the language barrier can make a difference.

    The daily reading takes about 15 minutes so it’s not too hard but there are times when it gets tough. I normally read the next days reading before bed so if I missed it I was never really behind and could catch up during the day. I kept the reading plan on the wall in my office and highlighted what I read to give me some visual encouragement. To keep my place I bought a bookmark with 4 ribbons, one for each section of the reading.

    Some days it was a struggle but other days, not being a very patient person, I found it hard not to read ahead. When I got to December I doubled the reading each day so I would be sure not to get caught behind right at the end with the holidays.

    May God bless your reading in 2009

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