What is “de-Churched”?

Why do most statistics today say that the church is shrinking? I am talking about all churches in general but I am especially interested from a Southern Baptist perspective. I watched much of the motions be presented this week at the SBC convention in Louisville with disgust and heart break.

People got up to the microphone to make motions that called for the convention to disassociate with Mark Driscoll, to remove his books from Lifeway stores, to investigate Doctors Akin, Mohler, Stetzer, and Reid, and to declare anyone who consumes or produces alcohol to be unregenerate. The nicest thing I can say is that those people are idiots at best and Pharisees at worst.

These people have no problem stating what they are against but they don’t have a clue what they are for. I  so tired of people who do nothing for the kingdom of God telling us what we should or shouldn’t do or who we shouldn’t associate with, learn from,  and work together with for the cause of Christ.

Mark Driscoll, Albert Mohler, Danny Akin, Ed Stetzer, and Alvin Reid are all men of God who have a heart for the lost and the building of THE church of God not just the behemoth that is the Southern Baptist Convention.

Don’t tell me what you think I should not drink or who I should not read but instead tell me about who you have shared Christ with the week, or this month, or even this past year. I am so over the overweight, Marlboro smoking, self righteous Pharisee beating up Driscoll, Calvinism, and alcohol.

Listen to Matt Chandler speak about how the church leads to the de-churched today.

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