10 Highlights and Lowlights from the SBC Annual Meeting

Timmy Brister is a young pastor being trained under the leadership of Tom Ascol. I have enjoyed reading his blog the past few years as he worked through Southern Seminary and then transitioned to Grace Baptist Cape Coral Florida. This year was his first SBC Annual Convention Meeting. He posted his top 10 highlights and lowlights from his meeting on his blog – Provocations and Pantings.

10 Highlights and 10 Lowlights

Read the links above for a complete explanation of the points below.

10 Highlights

1.  The Pastor’s Conference was really encouraging.

2.  Dinner with Dr. David Dockery (president of Union University), and  13 other brothers discussing all things positive and hopeful about the future of the SBC.

3.  The discussion and vote for the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force was historic and hopefully paradigm shifting.

4.  I was able to spend time with three who have made a big impression on my life (outside of Tom Ascol whom I consider a father) –  David DockeryBuddy Gray ,and  Al Jackson.

5.  The influence and presence of the younger generation was noticeable not only on the convention floor but more conspicuously at the Founders Breakfast, Baptist 21 luncheon, and IX Marks events–all of which were packed out with standing room only.

6.  I have been really impressed with Johnny Hunt’s leadership.

7.  With every significant movement in history, there has been a man God has raised up to play a leading role in its development.  In the Conservative Resurgence years, it was largely Adrian Rogers.  In the Great Commission Resurgence, it has shown to be Dr. Danny Akin.

8.  I have to wonder what the influence of Twitter was, not so much in making direct impact on the convention but informing the larger public on everything that was taking place.

9.  The unanimous vote on Dr. Moore’s resolution regarding adoption and orphan care was really important.

10. Although I have blogged less than ever in my five years of doing this, I was blessed by so many people who approached me to express appreciation for what I have attempted to do here.

10 Lowlights

1.  Morris Chapman

2.  Motions & Moralism

3.  Cultural Fundamentalism

4.  Roger Moran & Anti-Driscollism

5.  Anti-Calvinism

6.  White Convention

7.  Doughnut Sales

I know this may sound silly, but it needs to be mentioned.  A couple tweeps (here and corrected here) found out that over 20,000 doughnuts were sold at the SBC meeting.  Recently, I read how one blogger was proud that the bar at their hotel had to be shut down due to slow business (presumably because Southern Baptists occupied the majority of the rooms) and this is good, but no one seems to wonder why we can’t cause the doughnut shops to close down.  Southern Baptists have much more to be concerned when it comes to our waistline than being able to “walk the line.”  I appreciate the example of men like Ed Stetzer who, through a disciplined lifestyle and eating healthier, lost over 120 lbs. in the past year.  May his example inspire many other Southern Baptists to do the same.

8.  Music without Transcendence

9.  Baptist Press

10.  Makeup of GCR Task Force

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