Perry Noble’s Thoughts On Healthcare Reform

Here are Perry’s thoughts on the current healthcare reform bill and they way that people, especially believers, are reacting. Good perspective. They are similar to an earlier post by Scott Stewart.

By Perry Noble –

The short version – it doesn’t matter!!!

Now for the long version…

It amazes me that “Christians” who say they believe in an all powerful, completely Sovereign God are freaking out about a policy that our federal government has passed.  (BUT…it IS funny that many of the leaders who passed it are exempt from actually submitting to it…another post for another time!)

“Christians” will scream that God is “Jehovah Rafa,” (the God who heals) in our services…but then rely on our government for healing more than Him!

I stand by my original statement…it doesn’t matter…WHEN we compare it to the grand scheme of eternity!

It’s policy…it’s legislation…it’s something that our news media is obsessed with…AND IN 200 YEARS IT WILL NOT MATTER!!!

(I can see the emails coming now as to how it is going to impact our kids and such…if God is Sovereign then He’s already handled that…and I won’t be emailing you back because IT DOESN’T MATTER!)

Thousands of years ago Roman politicians paraded around in all their glory and passed legislation that governed thousands of miles of territory…and today it doesn’t matter!!!

BUT…church leaders…what WE ARE DOING WILL MATTER IN 200 YEARS!!!

The lives that are being impacted in our churches today WILL impact lives that impact lives that impact lives that…well…you get the point.

Church leaders all too often get way too obsessed with political struggles that we should pay attention to and vote on…but NOT be obsessed over, and NOT allow some crazy political agenda to hijack what Jesus called us to do…take the Gospel to the world.

Paul never staged a political protest (even though Christians were being set on fire!)  Jesus never organized a political rally (even through the Roman army had invaded Israel and were forcing their rule over them.)  Jesus was not a Republican…or a Democrat!!!

SO…church world…STOP IT!

We are commanded in the Scripture to pray for our leaders…we should take part in the political process and vote…but we are NOT supposed to FREAK OUT when things don’t seem to be going our way!

This weekend we are doing church…it’s Easter weekend, the “Super Bowl” if you will…don’t you DARE take this weekend to get political when God has given us the message of reconciliation!!!  People need JESUS…not more policies and proceedures.

What those Roman politicians were doing doesn’t matter in today’s world…but what the CHURCH was doing 2,000 years ago STILL MATTERS TODAY!  When it comes to issues that seize my attention…I am going to choose to focus on the things that matter…

His church matters…

Eternity matters…


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