Critique of Molinism

From my study of the concept of Molinsim as a solution to the tension between God’s sovereignty or providence and human freedom I have come to this conclusion – Molinism is a philosophy and not a theology!

It genesis is in the mind of man and not the Word of God.

I think that Molinism creates a false dichotomy between God’s omniscience and human free choice or will. It constrains God’s knowledge and human choice into a false relationship.  Molinism attempts to answer a theological tension with a philosophical argument.

God is God therefore he can be and is sovereign in all things. If God is not sovereign then he is not God. God’s sovereignty transcends human freedom. If man had complete freedom then he would be autonomous which he is not. Man is accountable to God and man is controlled by his corrupted flesh. Humans have the freedom to make free choices in accord with their will. The problem is there will has been corrupted by the sin of the fall. Man’s will is not really free because the natural man is a slave to sin. Only the regenerating work of God brings about true freedom of the human will.

Molinism is not reached through exegesis of scripture but through philosophy. Again, it is a philosophical answer to a theological question that I believe is one of tension and mystery.

Here are some sources on Molinism:

Articles –

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Video –

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