Sorry for the silence

I know that it has been some time since I made a blog entry but I have been in the middle of a windstorm.

1. I had the privilege to preach last Sunday night at my home church. You can listen or download here.

2. Monday was “Meet the Teacher” night at my kids elementary school. I have two daughters, one in second grade this year and one in forth. Also, my wife is heavily involved in the PTA and this was a very busy week for her too.

3. My kids first day of class was Tuesday and mine was Thursday. I attend NGU. I have classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This semester will be a challenge because I am taking 3 classes and a total of 9 papers to write. Please pray for me.

4. I have been really working on my physical well being that last few weeks. I had some bad news from a doctor’s visit last month which gave me a good kick in the tail to eat right and exercise. I am now three weeks into my new lifestyle and I have never felt better. I eat the right foods and the right amount, take vitamins and supplements for my bad knees, and do daily cardio exercise. The results so far are that I have lost 22 pounds, moved two places on my belt, and I don’t get short of breath when I climb stairs.

5. At my job I found myself in the middle of a huge turmoil. This has been a source of great stress and cause for personal reflection. I have made a stand on what I believe is right based on my principles. No matter what may become of this my focus has not be on my personal desires but what is ultimately right and what will bring God the glory and honor and not what is most rewarding for me.

I know that this post has been a “grocery list” of items in my life but I believe it does us God to reflect on the events of our lives and while doing so try to find those evidences of God grace in you life. These past two weeks have proved to me that the title of this blog was another act of the providence of God because I truly believe that our journey in life is one that takes us through trials and testing that God uses to bring about transformation. I covet you prayers and feel free to comment or email me about anything.

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