Weekly Prayer Request 9-15-08

I have decided to start listing prayer requests that come to me through my church, my school, or my personal life. I am doing this for a couple of different reasons. One, this will cause me to focus more diligently on the privilege to come in the throne-room of grace by the means of prayer. Second, this will help me organize the many things that I need and want to pray over. Third, this will give me a way of tracking the way God has moved in the requests. Fourth, this will give people who may come across this blog a chance to lift these things up to God in prayer also. Many of these requests will be nameless for the obvious reason that these issues may be very personal and this is posted on the web for the world to see.

  • My church. We have just gone through a few challenging weeks and we still have some issue that must be dealt with over the balance of this year. I truly believe that we are experiencing both a time of purifing and spiritual warfare. I believe that God is working in our church to purify and prepare us for the future He has for us. I also know that the devil seeks to snare the work of God’s people when that work is for God’s Kingdom.
  • My family. Things are very busy at our house. The kids have homework that ties up a good part of every afternoon which can make the evenings stressful for everyone.
  • My school. Things are really busy for me also when it comes to schoolwork. I am truly thankful to be back at NGU and I am blessed with great, godly teachers.
  • My ministry. I am also thinking and writing new things. God is revealing so many things from the Word to me that I want to write sermons on to the point that there are more ideas than there is time to write. I am trying to capture these ideas in a journal and hope to write more at the end of this semester.
  • My ordination as a deacon. I was chosen by my church body to serve as a deacon for the next three years. I look forward to this opportunity to serve my church leaders and the congregation in any way that I can. I will be ordained this upcoming Sunday night.
  • My Sunday morning Bible study class. I have the privilege to share with a great group of friends each Sunday. They are such a wonderful group and they bless me more than they realize because they all have such a servant’s heart for our church body. I have a special request from this group also. There are two persons from our class that are struggling with some very serious health issue. This has been a very challenging time for everyone. They are and will be undergoing very serious procedures and lengthy treatment. Both of them have been great examples of strength during these events. They have also expressed great confidence in the truth that God is in control of everything including these times of sickness. We have just finished studying through Romans 8 and 9 which I know that God orchestrated specifically for these events. We are all resting in the promise of Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”
  • My health. About 2 months ago I went to the doctor for a physical. He ran many test and informed me that some of the  results were alarming. He challenged me to work hard to get in better shape over the next six months then come back for more testing. The results of those future test would help him to determine what he needed to do to treat these problems. Well, the last six weeks have been great. My wife and I started exercising at the gym and I completely turned my diet around 180 degrees. When I started working out I could not go ten minutes on any of the cardio equipment. Last weekend I went forty five minutes on the elliptical machine which equal 4.1 miles. I then worked the weight machines for thirty minutes. I finished this up with a 1 mile run home from the gym without stopping one time. Through all of this I have lost 31 pounds and gone down 3 pant sizes. I give God all the glory because through all of this I have focused on two things that He has given me: my precious family with whom I want to grow very old with and the ministry that He has called me to. God has much for me to do and I want give Him my very best.

To those who may read this I humbly ask that you would lift these requests up during your time of communion with the Father.

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