A Prayer of John Calvin

Here is a prayer by John Calvin that he closed a sermon with. Enjoy.

Let us therefore bow before the majesty of our good God,

Recognizing the great number of faults and offenses

With which we have provoked His wrath against us.

Let us pray to Him that He may etch the fear of His majesty

Upon our minds and make us sharers in those things

That we have learned in [the] Scripture,

That by His strength He may support our weakness and infirmity,

And make us victors by the power of His Spirit,

And provide sufficient strength for us to withstand any temptations

To which we would otherwise be unequal,

And run the whole course of our lives in obedience to Him,

Giving eternal thanks to Him for His many and great benefits to us;

Finally, that all our senses may be lifted up in worshiping Him

To His everlasting praise and glory,

And we may be led in the pathway of salvation,

Not for our own private advantage

But for the upbuilding of our neighbors.


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