What is the context of 1 Timothy 2:4?

What is the context of “desires all people to be saved” in Timothy 2:4? Is this proof that God desires  universalism? This verse along with 2 Peter 3:9 are challenging to understand in a Biblical setting. Philosophically and humanistically man can rationalize these verse because of his desire that God be man-centered. The problem is that God is God-centered. God does everything for His glory and for His pleasure. Man was created for His glory and His pleasure. Salvation is for His glory and for His pleasure. These thought go against what the natural man believes. The natural man envisions a God who’s goal is man’s glory and pleasure. While studying through these passages the following links have been very helpful. Enjoy.

1 Timothy 2:4 – an Exegesis by Alan Kurschner

and an video from The Dividing Line show by Dr. James White

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