Evangelism: Why and How Part 1

Starting in February 2009, Rocky Creek Baptist will begin a two month study on evangelism followed by a two month study on basic doctrine with a focus toward evangelism through a clear Gospel presentation. The beauty of these two studies is that they do no include great volumes of reading or memorization. We will be learning to tell our story. What story? Every believer has a three part story of there life. The parts are:

  1. The story of your life before Christ.
  2. The story of how you came to Christ.
  3. The story of your life after coming to Christ.

We all have a story! It is the story of how God, through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, has changed your life. We will be using two resources to help teach every believer to share his story.

  1. Every Believer a Witness
  2. Two Ways to Live

I will be posting more information soon . . .

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