Plastic Jesus

I fear they are many who trust in a plastic Jesus.

Too many are in church but not in Christ

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4 Responses to Plastic Jesus

  1. willohroots says:

    Would you say this represents the majority of the SBC or just most?

  2. kbglenn says:

    I would say that many in church today are represented by this video. It doesn’t matter if it is a SBC church or a PCA, PCUSA, ELCA, ECUSA, UMC, etc., or a non-demoninational church. This is not a denominational problem but a church problem because it is a gospel problem. Too many churches are pragmatic, program driven, and numerical growth driven. Too many are politically or culturally driven. Too many are no different that the social club or organization down the street. For me, it comes down to being man-centered or God-centered.

  3. willohroots says:

    There is no doubt a revival is needed to recenter the Church on God. So many church members, so few active and acting Christians.

  4. TNT says:

    Dude, you need to play this for the class on Sunday. Or maybe get Ken to play it for the whole church. It would be interesting to see the reactions of people.


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